Proven Process, Better Outcomes

“Our number one goal is to create a Raving Fan.”

— Greg Ancel, co-founder/partner, Echelon Constructors


You build to create an asset that either houses your valuable associates, generates revenue or saves on your operational costs. We carefully plan and make it our mission to maximize your return on the investment, which can mean early access, enhanced aesthetics of the building, larger space, more parking, nicer finishes, or a multitude of other items. Our formula works backwards to connect the critical pieces between the present and your vision – set the ultimate goal, identify what’s most important to you, then detail the steps between; allowing our team to connect the dots to produce the shortest timeline and most efficient use of funds to get your business up and operational.

  • Detailed and Honest Discussions to Clarify your Vision
  • Thorough Feasibility Analysis to Sharpen the Development Proforma
  • Outline the Most Efficient Path to Completion


Developing realistic solutions – with typically more than one option – defines a problem solver. Most construction firms can readily identify that a problem exists, and many offer a singular solution; generally, one that is easiest for them. While it may solve the problem temporarily, the long-term impact to your business may not be ideal.

We pride ourselves on being a solution-based firm, first looking out for your best interest, and using that lens to clear the hurdles our team encounters.


Wasted time cost dollars. Inefficient design and the delays to redesign, trying to save cost, ultimately waste time and money. Our job is getting it right the first time, in the early planning stages, so the project is feasible and delivers on your vision. It’s your money, but as we seek to be a trusted partner, we must think of it as if it were our development.

Many in the construction industry thrive on “value engineering” a set of plans, ultimately saving some combination of upfront cost or schedule; but also generally sacrificing quality or aesthetics, usually to offset an unknown overdesign elsewhere. This results in your project getting more of something you don’t want and less of what you need – not a beneficial combination.

We prefer to turn that around and engineer value into the project the first time. Echelon first conceptually defines the parameters and works with you to prioritize needs, then crafts the budget and design around that criteria – engineering real value into the design, not out of it. Our process balances the four pieces of aesthetics, constructability, budget and schedule in harmony with the direction you provide; resulting in realistic goals and a better outcome.

“Our passion for construction isn’t in building the wall, it is in working through the challenges that others are afraid to put effort into solving.”

— Ryan Barr, co-founder/partner, Echelon Constructors