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Construction Management

If you’re a business or property owner who prefers to hire the subcontracting teams directly, you need eyes, ears, and expertise on the ground to keep your project running smoothly. When you partner with Echelon for construction management services, we’ll represent your best interests on the job site so you can stay focused on operating your business and get the quality outcome you expect.

Accountability and Expertise at Every Step

At Echelon, we understand that managing a construction project is about ensuring quality, safety, schedule, accountability and responsibility. We’re committed to transforming your strategic plans into reality, overseeing every detail to guarantee success. Here’s how we do it:

  • Early Identification of Risks and Constructability Issues. Our expertise in commercial and industrial building construction allows us to foresee project challenges and preemptively address potential issues before they become big problems that cost time and money.
  • Seamless Coordination. We’ll make sure that your subcontractors are synchronizing efforts efficiently, preventing project delays and miscommunication. Using our project management system, we monitor and track each scope of work to streamline the overall construction process and keep projects on time and within budget.
  • Next-Level Organization and Safety. You can tell a lot about a construction project by the state of its job site and trailer. You can feel the Echelon WOW factor when you step onto the site. A well-organized project with the right safety practices is essential in turning your vision into reality.
  • Client-focused Advocacy: When we manage the day-to-day operations of your job site, you can rest assured that your best interests are represented at all times and in every decision made by the team. We only succeed when your project accomplishes its goals and helps your business grow.


Benefits of Construction Management

Taking on subcontractor management yourself might seem like an easy way to save a few dollars and better control outcomes on your construction project, but orchestrating a large-scale project while running a business is more than most owners expect to handle.

Expert Representation of Your Best Interest

Working in a construction management capacity, we act in the owner’s best interest throughout the project, providing personalized oversight and expertise. We’ll also manage every aspect of the project from planning to completion, ensuring that your vision is realized.

Comprehensive Project Management

When we’re involved from the project’s conception, we can offer critical input during the planning and design phases, which can lead to more accurate budgeting, feasible scheduling, and effective risk management. We can also provide detailed cost management, working to optimize the project budget by reviewing designs and materials for cost-saving opportunities without compromising quality.

Enhanced Communication

Instead of having to communicate with several different subcontractors on your project, we can serve as your single point of contact. We’ll facilitate proper communication between all stakeholders to keep you informed and your project moving harmoniously.

Risk Mitigation

As construction manager on your project, our team will be able to proactively identify potential risks and address them before they turn into problems. Every detail doesn’t have to be on your shoulders — trust us to be your eyes and ears.


Why Choose Echelon Constructors?

We engineer value.

Our approach is about engineering value right from the start — balancing aesthetics, constructability, budget and timelines in harmony with your ideal outcome.

We remove complexity.

We free your team from the stress of managing it all and serve as expert advisors to help avoid decisions that may adversely affect the future returns of your project. 

We bring the WOW factor.

We’re committed to creating a great experience from start to finish. When you attend a meeting with our team or step onto one of our job sites, you can feel the passion, dedication and care we bring to every aspect of how we serve you.


Let’s transform your vision into value.

If you’re considering an expansion in your business, talk with an Echelon expert to discuss how we can remove complexity and streamline your next phase of growth.

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