General Contracting

Bringing the future of your business to life with proactivity, precision, and partnership.

Transforming Vision into Value

Your construction project involves thousands of details and millions of dollars. We understand that while expanding your business is an exciting endeavor, it’s also a big risk. Let us reduce that risk for you with our proactive, white-glove approach to general contracting services from preconstruction through final delivery and beyond.


Removing Complexity from Concept to Completion

Your best interest is our best interest. We’ve engineered our process with foresight and adaptability to eliminate risk, complexity, stress, and obstacles so that your project runs flawlessly and you can stay focused on leading your business.


    • Identifying Hurdles. From site analysis and design challenges to funding sources or project incentives, our team has the resources to help solve these issues prior to any economic impact.
    • Cost Estimation. No one likes surprises when it comes to construction projects. That’s why we are committed to providing accurate proformas and project estimates for our clients.
    • Preconstruction. We meticulously analyze scope, budget, and timeline to anticipate challenges so that your project is set up for success.
    • Permit Acquisition. Coordinating compliance is complex. We shepherd projects swiftly through the zoning and regulatory process, securing the necessary permits so your project stays on track.
    • Subcontractor Coordination. You have your own employees to manage. We take charge of every team that touches your project, ensuring each subcontractor meets our rigorous standards and works to meet your project’s timeline and quality expectations.
    • Project Management. Clear and consistent communication is the name of the game. You’ll never have to wonder whether your project is on track or off track when you partner with us.
    • Safety. We care for our people like we care for your project. When you step onto an Echelon job site, you’ll immediately notice the high standard of safety we maintain with proper personal protection equipment, material organization, signage, cleanliness and equipment.
    • Quality Assurance. Our team prioritizes your peace of mind with a rigorous quality assurance process. Our proactive approach identifies and addresses potential issues before they arise, delivering a final product that creates value for your business and facilitates your future growth.
    • Schedule. Time is money. We make it our highest priority to drive the project schedule so you can optimize your growth.


Markets Served

We work across the United States to help businesses reach their next phase of growth. Our expertise is focused on the following markets:

    • Manufacturing
    • Senior Living
    • Multi-Family
    • Office
    • Warehouse/Distribution
    • Retail
    • Controlled Environmental Agriculture


Why Choose Echelon Constructors?


We engineer value.

Our approach is about engineering value right from the start — balancing aesthetics, constructability, budget and timelines in harmony with your ideal outcome.

We remove complexity.

We free you from the stress of managing it all and serve as expert advisors to help you avoid decisions that may adversely affect the future ROI of your project. 

We bring the WOW factor.

Not only do we free you from stress throughout your project, but we’re committed to creating a great experience from start to finish. When you attend a meeting with our team or step onto one of our job sites, you can feel the passion, dedication and care we bring to every aspect of how we serve you.


Let’s transform your vision into value.

If you’re considering an expansion in your business, talk with an Echelon expert to discuss how we can remove complexity and streamline your next phase of growth.


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